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Welcome to Razz Automotive, where keeping your car mechanically in tip top shape is our forte. Razz Automotive are fully qualified to complete your new car warranty, we work on all makes and models of vehicles.

Here at Razz Automotive, we take great pride in all of the work we do and aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction!

  • Fully Qualified & Trained Mechanics (constantly upskilling)
  • Modern, Fully Equipped Workshop with all servicing info up to date.
  • All of our work is fully guaranteed and backed by VACC/A-grade

Competitive prices on all of our car repairs, car servicing, mechanic & auto electrical repairs, batteries and tyres. We aim to fix everything in house.

We are proud to be:

  • ACRI (Australian Child Restraint Initiative) Accredited installer
  • VACC Accredited along with A-grade
  • Licensed Aircon service center AU49235
  • Licensed Roadworthy Tester: 11924 Light Vehicle

Come and see Daniel or Jon at Razz Automotive, today!

We have built quite a reputation with our customers with some coming from Mount Eliza, Sale & even Anglesea just to have there vehicle serviced.

Logbook Service

Razz Automotive are fully qualified to complete your new car’s logbook service to manufacturer’s specifications and maintain your new car warranty!

Car Service

It is critically important to make sure your brake and clutch system are regularly maintained by qualified professionals, book your car in to Razz Automotive today!

Roadworthy Certificate

If you’re buying or selling a car and need to get a roadworthy certificate, we can help! Razz Automotive are a licensed roadworthy tester so book it in today

Tyre Replacement

It is crucial to know when it is okay to have a tyre repaired and when a tyre should be replaced. If a tyre loses its air pressure, it must be removed from the wheel for a complete internal inspection to be sure it is not damaged. Tyres that are run even a short distance while flat are often damaged beyond repair.

Most punctures, nail holes or cuts up to 6 Millimiters can be repaired by trained technicians as long as the damage is confined to the crown of the tread. We DO NOT repair tyres with tread punctures larger than 6 Millimiters, or any sidewall puncture. Also, we never repair tyres which are worn below the wear inidcator bars that are located on your tyre, As they wouldnt conform to Australian Roadworthy Standards.

All tyre repairs should be handled by trained professionals. Your best bet is to keep a good spare tyre in your boot. Be sure that the spare is inflated to the proper pressure and adheres to Australian Roadworthy Standards.

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